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Mobile Medical Solutions services offered in Phoenix, AZ

At AVC Med, serving patients across Arizona, the primary care specialists have well-equipped vehicles that bring medical care to you. The experienced providers understand that many patients have time constraints, mobility issues, severe illnesses, or other problems that could prevent them from getting the care they need. The mobile medical solutions vehicles meet your needs efficiently and quickly. These mobile medical solutions include X-rays, lab testing, and even prescription medications delivered to your doorstep. To schedule an appointment, call the Peoria, Arizona office or join our community today.

What are mobile medical solutions?

Mobile medical solutions are testing and treatments that come to you. While most people travel to a doctor’s office, lab testing facility, or even hospital to get the necessary tests, AVC Med conveniently provides many of those services in your home through mobile medical solutions. 

What services are available via mobile medical solutions?

AVC Med offers a wide spectrum of services through mobile medical solutions, including:

Lab testing

Lab testing can quickly evaluate a blood, urine, or saliva sample to determine what’s causing your symptoms or illness. This testing can diagnose the flu, COVID-19, and other illnesses. Lab testing is also essential in general physical exams because it can screen for problems like high blood sugar (diabetes) and high cholesterol.


The mobile medical solutions vehicles have X-ray imaging machines on board. This makes it easier to check for injuries and illnesses without leaving your home. 


After you’re diagnosed with an injury or illness, medication may be part of your treatment plan. The mobile medical solutions vehicle brings the medication you need directly to you. As an added benefit, you’ll get an in-person explanation of how and when to use your medication directly from an experienced medical provider.

Mobile medical solutions offer other benefits, such as flu shots and other necessary treatments. Whether you need just one or all of these services, mobile medical solutions make it easy to get whatever you need without leaving home.  

How can I receive mobile medical solutions?

AVC Med strongly emphasizes high-quality medical care in the most convenient ways, including telemedicine and in-person house calls. You can access mobile medical solutions as needed during either type of medical care. 

Depending on your situation, your medical care provider may schedule a mobile medical solutions vehicle to visit your home after a telemedicine visit. 

Or, your medical care provider may arrive at your home in the mobile medical solutions vehicle if you’ll likely need testing or treatments. 

Regardless of your situation, mobile medical solutions give you fast access to the testing and treatments you need to get healthy.

Need full-scale medical care in the privacy of your home? Call the AVC Med office to schedule an appointment, or join our community today.