Behavioral Health Integration

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Behavioral Health Integration services offered in Phoenix, AZ

Behavioral health integration brings mental health care into your primary care services at AVC Med. The behavioral health integration specialists offer telemedicine and house calls for patients across Arizona who struggle with depression, anxiety, or other conditions. With behavioral health integration, you can get all your physical and mental health care in one place from trained providers who really care. To schedule an appointment, call the Peoria, Arizona office or join our community today.

What is behavioral health integration?

Behavioral health integration merges mental health and primary care medicine. While you already rely upon AVC Med for your physical exams, urgent care, and other important health care, behavioral health integration means that the providers can screen for mental health issues and provide appropriate mental health care as needed. 

What kind of issues can behavioral health integration help with?

Behavioral health integration covers a lot of territories. AVC Med recognizes the many ways in which your physical health and mental wellness intersect, so they start from the root of the issue to help you achieve better whole-person health. 


A few of the many issues that behavioral health integration can help with include: 


  • Weight management
  • Substance use disorder
  • Pain management
  • Behavioral problems in children
  • Attention issues
  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress


With behavioral health integration, you can simultaneously improve your physical and mental health. 

When might I need behavioral health integration?

At AVC Med, behavioral health integration is a standard part of primary care medicine because everyone deserves to have good mental and physical health. Medical care providers consider your mental and physical health by performing exams and treating illnesses and injuries. 

Of course, if you experience new mental health issues, you can contact the office anytime to set up a confidential telemedicine or house call appointment to discuss your concerns and needs. 

What can I expect from behavioral health integration?

Behavioral health integration services are unique to the individual. Should you experience mental health challenges, one of the experienced AVC Med mental health specialists can help you tackle the issues with a personalized treatment plan.  

The practice offers wide-ranging mental health services, including psychotherapy, prescription medications, substance use disorder treatment, and overall medication management, tailored for your needs and goals. 

The AVC Med providers have special training in clinical health psychology, emphasizing the connection between mental and physical health. This helps you access improved whole-person health and maintain it long-term. Both telemedicine and house calls are available. 

For immediate access to the highest standard of primary care with excellent behavioral health integration, call the office or join our community today.