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House Calls services offered in Phoenix, AZ

Many people assume that house calls ended decades ago when times were simpler and getting the medical care you needed was easier. AVC Med, with an office in Peoria, Arizona, is bringing house calls into the modern age and making them more beneficial for patients in most of Arizona. To set up your house call, call the office or join our community today.

What are house calls?

House calls are medical visits in your own home. AVC Med also visits assisted living homes and other group living facilities for house calls. 

What are the advantages of house calls?

House calls can accommodate patients who would otherwise have difficulty accessing the necessary medical care. AVC Med offers house calls for patients of all ages. 


Whether you’re homebound because of illness, disability, transportation issues, or lack of time, house calls provide full-spectrum medical care in the place that works best for you. 


Additionally, house calls:


  • Avoid traveling time
  • Reduce wait times
  • Make patients more comfortable
  • Avoid contact with other patients


AVC Med believes strongly in the effectiveness of house calls because they’ve seen, time and again, how much patients appreciate easy access to quality medical care. Their patient care model focuses on convenient medical care, including telemedicine and house calls. 

What happens during house calls?

House calls are similar to in-office doctor visits in some ways, but they provide a higher level of personalized care. In a standard house call, your AVC Med provider arrives at your door at the pre-set time. 


They’ll perform an exam based on your current needs. Some of the different reasons that you might schedule a house call include: 


  • Illness (flu, cold, urinary tract infection, cough, diarrhea, or other issues)
  • Injury (cuts, scrapes, sprains, or other minor physical injuries) 
  • Routine annual physical
  • Complications of a chronic condition (blood pressure spikes or other changes)
  • Setting up chronic care management (for people with two or more chronic conditions)


You may need tests or treatments during your house call. AVC Med offers mobile medical solutions to meet those needs in your home. Their mobile medical van features state-of-the-art lab testing and radiology imaging equipment and can also fill prescriptions.

What happens after house calls?

After your house call, your provider keeps track of your health and can schedule a follow-up visit if needed. Many people choose a combination of house calls and telemedicine visits, in which they meet with their provider through live videoconferencing.  


AVC Med strives to provide the best quality health care in your own home. To set up your house call, call the office or join our community today.